Be Here Now – 5 Steps to Stay With Yourself Through Thick and Thin

I just got back from a beautiful week at the Omega Institute, assisting Dawson Church with the EFT Practitioner Training program. Throughout the week, we helped participants transform limiting feelings and beliefs with both EFT Tapping and meditation. It was a transformative, and in many ways miraculous, week for us all.

What became so clear to me (once again), is the importance of accepting all feelings, no matter how uncomfortable. It’s in the acceptance of these feelings, that we are able to transform our experience.

In this world of ours, so often it’s the striving that takes front seat. How, for example, will we succeed if we don’t strive for more? And more? And more? And so often, once we get ‘more’, we don’t feel the success we imagined.

The problem with striving is that we’re frequently propelled by a feeling that we’re not enough, or complete, without whatever it is we’re striving for. You know the refrain: I’ll be happy when___________.

The underlying feeling of inadequacy will follow us, until we find a way to stay with it long enough to transform it.

To stay with yourself, to be here now, means to be present with whatever is going on. Not off in the future, hoping for something better. Not back in the past, wishing things were different. Here now, whether it’s comfortable, or not.

It’s when we avoid the now-moment that we lose power. That we abandon ourselves. Unfortunately, by avoiding our feelings with substances and experiences, we will never feel better about ourselves.

True transformation happens when we accept ourselves exactly as we are, exactly where we are, right now.

Easy to say, and usually, not so easy to do. Yet, it gets easier once you begin to realize how truly powerful you are.

Next time you find yourself avoiding, whether it’s with food, internet, tv, shopping, alcohol, or any other type of escape, ask yourself what you’re avoiding. Be gentle with yourself. Pause and notice what you’re feeling. If you can, stay with yourself.

Stay with yourself, through thick and thin. Stay at the time when you need yourself the most. Stay to reveal the truth of who you are.

Ideas to help you stay:

  1. Sit, close your eyes, and notice what you feel. Don’t push anything away. Just sit. Don’t worry if you don’t feel peaceful or enlightened. Just sit and notice. Stay with any discomfort.
  2. Breathe deeply, from your belly, and notice the flow of your breath. Notice the beat of your heart. Notice this power within you. Know that this power is always with you.
  3. Send love and compassion to any discomfort you feel. Any and all discomfort is worthy of your love and compassion. If you can’t summon feelings of love and compassion, that’s okay too. Stay with what you are feeling. Notice any insights that arise.
  4. Use EFT Tapping to tap on your feelings. Accept them, and if they’re ready, allow them to release.
  5. Connect with your higher consciousness. Use meditation to tune into your higher consciousness. Ask it to help you during challenging times. This added assistance will help you tune into solutions, and relief, you didn’t see before.

For most of us, it’s not possible to stay present at all times. Escapes can be pleasurable and sometimes necessary. And, we can choose to stay present with any escape. However, when escapes turn into chronic avoidance, we will always experience more pain. We can’t maintain the bliss of the escape, so we fall into a funk, or look for new ways to escape.

The key to all of this is to stay. Stay with the discomfort, with love and acceptance, so that it can begin to transform. By being here now, we find the true bliss of a clear mind and soul, as we open to the gifts of the universe.


Thank you for reading this article! I’m a certified EFT Tapping and Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner. I specialize in helping sensitive, empathic people boost courage, confidence and success. If you’d like to learn more about EFT Tapping, or the services I offer, visit my website at https://marianbuckmurray.com/.

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